Construction Management

Construction Management

Cost Estimates

Willoughby Robinson Associates LLC can provide both detailed and conceptual cost estimates. We have developed budget estimates for developers and owners from preliminary plans and also have performed detailed line item estimating services for contractors from bid set drawings. Our estimating experience includes:

  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Site work
  • Airfields
  • Underground Utilities
  • Commercial Buildings

We have evaluated change order pricing and value engineering proposals for owners as well as contractors.

Quantity Takeoffs


Our firm can provide quantity surveys and earthwork take-offs utilizing InSite SiteWork. Using this program, we can generate detailed cut/fill reports, three dimensional views and site drainage information. We can also evaluate site earthwork balancing scenarios.

In addition to quantity take-offs, we can also provide related consulting services including:

  • Estimated calculations of rock and topsoil quantities
  • Structural fill and backfill scenarios
  • Evaluation of undercut scenarios
  • Excavation sequence recommendations
  • Subsurface evaluations
  • De-watering/groundwater evaluations
  • Haul/balance studies & analysis

Our services can be customized to fit your needs.

We are ready to work with you in supporting your cost estimating needs.

Owner Representative Services

Project Owners can benefit from the involvement of an independent professional to oversee the performance of the project’s Architects, Engineers and Contractors.

The role of the Owner’s Representative can vary depending on the owner’s needs and risks. Services commonly include:

  • Concept cost estimates
  • Initial Design Programming
  • Contracting with Engineers and Architects
  • Design Review
  • Review of bids
  • Review of contracts
  • Review of schedules
  • Review of pay applications and billings
  • Formal status reports
  • Site visits
  • Problem solving

The cost associated with the utilization of a qualified and experienced owner’s representative can easily be offset by the savings generated from the greater project over-site. The utilization of owner’s representative services can reduce cost over-runs, facilitate resolution of schedule conflicts and reduce the owner’s overall risk.

We are ready to provide high quality owner’s representative services to your company.

Off Airport Parking Facility
Indianapolis, Indiana

Equipment Maintenance Facility
Orlando, Florida

Earthwork Project, New Airport
Branson, Missouri


Unfortunately, not all projects succeed. Problems and conflicts are normal in construction and occur on nearly all projects. Project failures are not typically the direct results of unanticipated problems but rather are the product of inadequate or untimely responses to otherwise solvable problems. Serious circumstances are frequently underestimated or not fully understood by the project personnel. Often an experienced and independent set of eyes can provide a more objective, realistic and concise evaluation of the project status.

We can provide short or long-term assistance in dealing with distressed projects. Following a visit to the troubled project, we can evaluate the problems associated with the project and provide practical solutions and recommendations.

For Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Implementation of short-term scheduling programs
  • Change order evaluations and pricing
  • Recovery schedules
  • Time extension requests
  • Operation improvement studies
  • Correction plans for defective work
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Project management
For Owners
  • Change order reviews
  • Claim evaluations
  • Owner representative services
  • Schedule reviews
  • Change order and claim negotiations
  • Coordination plans
  • Contractor performance evaluations
For Surety Companies
  • Determination of completion scope
  • Estimate cost to complete
  • Perfection of claims
  • Defense of claims
  • Recovery plans
  • Solicitation of bids
  • Change order pricing
  • Project management

Willoughby Robinson Associates LLC can assign a part-time or full-time project manager, superintendent or scheduler to your project.